Tata Kepler, a Legend of Ukraine Award Recipient Providing First Aid to Thousands in Need

First Aid Team of Tata Kepler at the Frontlines in Ukraine

“Just like thousands of volunteers, she has been helping our army for eight years in a row. And it is impossible to calculate for sure how many important things for the lives of our soldiers were found and delivered during this time: first-aid kits, medical backpacks, tourniquets, body armor and other equipment. I want to thank all the volunteers of Ukraine in her person. ” the President of Ukraine said, about why Tata Kepler was one of nine chosen to receive the award in August, 2022.

Tata Kepler has been a highly influential medical volunteer on Ukrainian frontlines since 2014 and was selected by President Zelensky in 2022 to receive a “National Legend of Ukraine” award on behalf of all Ukrainian volunteers. After the mass invasion by Russia, Tata paused her thriving bar business and music recording career to dedicate herself fully to first aid efforts in cut-off areas of Ukraine.

Together with a small team she manages a medical supply hub and makes regular trips to recently de-occupied areas and communities still on frontlines of occupation/ fighting to support people with critical health conditions.  Our goal is to raise $5,000 to help her team purchase more life-saving medicine to bring it to Ukrainians in need. Join her team to save lives in Ukraine by donating.

Her social media is filled with photos and stories about people she’s supported in her trips, offering a heart touching insight into the human side to this devastating war. Following her journey, it’s hard not to notice the amount of impact Tata’s team brought to people they’ve visited. Elderly, critically ill, and children not only received previously impossible to get medications, but also attention, compassion, and a comforting conversation. 

Our volunteer, Anya, a Ukrainian working in San Francisco, is in direct contact with Ms. Kepler and wrote this beautiful summary above. Speaking for myself (Debbie) I encourage you to follow Tata Kepler on Instagram as her posts read like poetry. See two examples below, and links to her social media .

Follow Tata. Instagram: instagram.com/use_your_name. Facebook: facebook.com/tata.kepler (though she only uses Facebook for her performances/ career.) Ms. Kepler is frequently interviewed by the press and is featured in this documentary portraying woman’s central role in facing challenges of the invasion: www.nobelwomensinitiative.org/oh_sister

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